Sirocco Tenders – A New Way to Cruise

A New Way to Cruise

Aboard your yacht, you’re living life to the fullest. Whether you’re cruising across the Great Lakes or moving between islands dotting the South Pacific, life on the water is your lifestyle. Your yacht’s tender brings you even closer to your passion, and the world’s leader in rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) understands. That’s why we’re proud to offer luxury yacht tenders for sale from BRIG, a brand synonymous with redefining the standards for safety, performance and quality.

Tour the World for New Experiences

With every port, you discover a new locale with varying delicacies, cultures and crafts that invite you to explore everything your eyes can see. Give in to your adventurous side and skip the process of pulling into the harbor. Instead, unload your inflatable yacht tender off the coast and take off with your family and friends. Visit the natural wonders of the area, stop in at the go-to restaurants and markets and purchase trinkets to remember your trip, before returning to your yacht.

All BRIG Falcon Tenders offer a seamless parking experience, which removes any worry when you arrive. Plus, their fiberglass hull and inflatable buoyancy tubes protect your yacht from any damage, such as scratches when unloading or loading them. And with the industry-leading ride of BRIG RIB inflatable yacht tenders, you can ensure everyone arrives at port dry and without feeling seasick.

Add Adventure to Weekend Getaways

Beaches. Coves. Lagoons. Wherever your secret getaway resides, adventure is always waiting for you. Give your family vacation or holiday retreat with friends a touch of impulse by taking your superyacht’s rigid inflatable tenders for a trip across the water. Explore the coastline, searching for hidden lagoons and secluded beaches for a private getaway. Embrace your inner photographer with stops at scenic overlooks while the sun’s rising or setting, creating a collage of colors.

With their competitive prices and exceptional European quality, adding multiple inflatable yacht tenders to your vessel is more than feasible for dozens of fun-filled afternoons with your family and friends. The fuel efficiency of BRIG tenders also nudges you toward the horizon, letting you travel the extra mile in search of the unknown.

Bring a New Level of Exhilaration to Cruising

No matter the locale, entertainment on the water is calling. Grab your scuba gear, wakeboard or swimsuit and lower your RIB inflatable yacht tender into the water for a day of thrills. Take your friends wakeboarding or waterskiing, clipping across the water with tight, speedy turns that leave them exhilarated and ready for a second go. Dive beneath the surface in your scuba gear, capturing stunning reefs and exotic fish with your underwater camera. Or, just jump into the water to cool off with your family.

The unsinkable build and non-existent tipping hazard make the inflatable yacht tenders by BRIG a trusted choice for exhilaration on the water. With storage beneath seats, it’s also convenient for everyone to bring what they need, from goggles and sunglasses to hats and sunscreen. The BRIG Falcon Tenders have room for up to seven, too, so everyone in your social circle can come along.

Upgrade Your Cruising Experience With Sirocco Marine

Aboard your yacht, you’re home. When it comes time to dive into the local culture, discover the natural wonders of the area and dip your feet into the water, you need a safe, quality tender that performs — you need a BRIG. With the brand’s exceptional RIB inflatable yacht tenders and the unmatched client-focused service of Sirocco Marine, your possibilities on the water are endless.

Evolve your cruising experience today by exploring our available rigid inflatable yacht tenders for sale, or contact us for more information!

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