UL 270

UL 270

UL 270

Ultra-lightweight – UL 270 is the perfect tender for a relaxing day on the ocean, the UL 270 is an excellent lightweight tender. It offers a host of features in a ship built to the same quality standards as our larger, luxury models. A favorite among sailors the world over, The UL 270 tender a robust, ultra-lightweight aluminum hull with a non-skid floor. A preferred boat among sailor all over the universe, the tender is well built to the extent that it requires minimal maintenance. Or, a chrome-free Pretreatment and Powder Coating can be added inside and outside.

UL 270 is an environmentally-friendly technology reduces solvent waste, creating a healthier workplace for our team while protecting our Earth. Though lightweight, unique UL 270 is sized for a severe days work or just appreciating a twilight cruise. Its open configuration creates an interior that is exemplary for safely conveying cargo and crew. Its smaller size is ideal for weaving through crowded moorings or traveling shallow bays. When the days adventure has ended, the UL 270 three davit lifting points make deck storage comfortable. The key features of this fantastic boat which includes Aluminum hull open tender, Ultra-light and spacious, ideal sailboat tender, and Special rubber non-skid material, exceptionally reasonable pricing these among many others are the features which single it out among many of its kind.

Length 8' 8"
Width 5' 3"
Tube Diameter 16.5"
Weight 95 lbs
Max Persons 4
Max HP 8
UL 270

Additional information


  • Length 8' 8"
  • Width 5' 3"
  • Tube Diameter 16.5"
  • Weight 95 lbs
  • Max Person 4
  • Rec HP 5
  • Max HP 8

Key Features

  • The toughest Hyphalon
  • Full Boat Cover
  • Built-in towing eyes and davit lifting points
  • Large diameter tubes
  • Large diameter tubes
  • High velocity pump
  • Multiple buoyancy chambers
  • High quality boat bag
  • One seat
  • Oars and row locks
  • Waterproof repair kit
  • Warranty - 5 years


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“Absolutely LOVE this Boat! A great social platform for a large family, for a large group of friends, or if you want to impress your business partners. Love it! Just love it! Great work guys!”

— Thumbs up from the Norwegian Test Pilot Team

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