AF 270

AF 270

AF 270

Air Floor 270 – Are you in need of a full-sized, but very light, hard-bottomed open tender boat? The Rollup Sirocco tender is the best for you. The fantastic RIB features an air floor for weight decrease and make this model faster. It exceptional fuses are commonly praised by owners across the globe.

AF 270 Sirocco tender is solidly invented to provide year’s hard, durable use and it is also ideal for a fast trip to shore for groceries, a day of exploring political cover or reaching a remote beach for a relaxing picnic and fun with the family.

The innovative design of AF 270 is incredible; it has the toughest Hypalon, multiple buoyant chambers high-quality boat bag, and large chamber tubes. The intelligently- designed bow locker serves as a convenient boarding step and comfortable seating for guests, and also a portable fuel tank. Moreover, a full- length rubber keel protector enables the AF 270 Sirocco tender run on an unknown shore without worry. To meet up with the compelling need of its owner, AF 270 offers a modular design with customized seating and console choices. The excellent standard and features of this RIB have enables it to deliver memorable experience on the water to its user.

Length 8' 8"
Width 4' 9"
Tube Diameter 16' 5"
Weight 75 lbs
Max Persons 3
Max HP 6
AF 270

Additional information


  • Length 8' 8"
  • Width 4' 9"
  • Tube Diameter 16.5"
  • Weight 75 lbs
  • Max Persons 3
  • Rec HP 3
  • Max HP 6

Standard Features

  • The toughest 1100 grade polymer
  • High pressure air hull
  • Stainless towing eyes
  • Oars and row loacks
  • Waterproof repair kit
  • Multiple buoyancy chambers
  • Flat end cones
  • High quality boat bag
  • One seat
  • Large diameter tubes
  • Extra heavy duty transom
  • High velocity pump
  • Warranty - 5 years


  • Information to come!

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“Absolutely LOVE this Boat! A great social platform for a large family, for a large group of friends, or if you want to impress your business partners. Love it! Just love it! Great work guys!”

— Thumbs up from the Norwegian Test Pilot Team

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